Beta Project: Another Succesful Engrave!



I used another design of mine to continue testing some fine detailed engraving on hardwood. Similar to the other one i posted recently.

Circle is about 5 3/4" diameter. Vector .svg straight out of Illustrator. Turned out fantastic! :smile:

Screenshot of file

Just after with masking still on

X-Acto knife for scale

Removing the masking…

Final piece


Another stunner! If you’re annoyed by the protective coating, try duct tape or black gorilla tape? Can make peeling go a lot faster. :slight_smile:


I’m just blown away by the quality of the engraving. And the quality of the Proofgrade©.


You do beautiful mandalas Ryan! (And I’m amazed at how crisp and delicate and even the engrave is.)

Squeeee! :slight_smile:

(Did anybody else hear the stripper song in their head for pic #5?) :smile:


Wow, the detail on the engraving is fantastic!


The detail of the engraving is something they had been asking a lot in the forum. Even the small circles look beautiful. :astonished:

Excellent work demonstrating it.:grin:


This has me in squee mode, or as us men say, I am a bit stoked.


Chick a bow wow wow…

No, that would just be you. You have a warped side, another admirable trait.


Enjoy the quality of your designs and wonder if you’ve thought of printing from your designs in say, a letterpress or in the manner of Japanese prints, hand-inked color separations? I’m projecting; I have a letterpress printer and find you terrific designs inspirational. Thanks for posting and will be happy to share when I get my GF.


Good tip! :wink:


Thanks everyone! :smile:


Thanks Dan for this tip!!!




If I wanted to fill in the engraved spaces with a resin or something else that would add character/color, what would be a good choice?


Yes, there are all kinds of ways you can fill engraved spaces. Resin is but one choice. Another is to cut one piece positive and another negative in contrasting color so they fit together, glue it up, route off the top, and finish. Looks extraordinary when done right.


Thanks. I thought about doing that too, but all of those tiny pieces (in this design anyway) scared me off! :relaxed:


No, no, no tiny pieces, two sheets engraved, one as the positive, the other as the negative. They are glued and clamped until the glue is dry and then the one sheet is routed away leaving a beautiful inlay with little work.


Oh! Got it. Definitely better than my solution. :grin:


Love the depth of that engraving. Great job on the design also.


Belated congrats on another beautiful engraving. You have some serious design talent!

(I’m becoming more than a little miffed at the software running this forum. With the notifications I have selected, this should not have slipped through the cracks)