Beta project: Bearded Gnome Mead - My First Raster Etch



Hello folks,

Here’s my first shot at uploading a raster to the GF. Below is the design. It’s a bottle label for my brother’s mead I designed to look like a woodcut print. The gnome has a “bee beard”. Hopefully that comes across.

And here’s the finished etch. Bearded Gnome Mead, Copyright Nathaniel Lambert.

Fun fun.


I should etch a negative and then I’d have an actual woodcut to make prints with.


Awesome, and I agree! That would be double awesome.


That is a lovely label.
I am almost done restoring my wife’s ancient letterpress, and as soon as it is running we will be printing some wood blocks on it!


I was thinking the same thing when I saw this! Looks great, that’s fantastic artwork!


This is ridiculously gorgeous. Wow!


Wow I had missed this post, very nice to see how well it did.

I’m trying to figure out how big it is…


Ooh, how ancient? Does it have rollers?


Oh man, I would love to have access to a letterpress. Making do with this instead.


It is a 1911 Chandler & Price 5x8, so yeah rollers. :slight_smile:


Worked on an 11x14 C&P in college. Nice. (Also helped try to re-restore an 1887(?) Golding that someone previous had re-assembled with “a few parts left over”.)


Nice job, especially right out of the gate. Thanks for sharing.


Wow. That turned out great from the looks of it! Great design too! Very creative and playful. :slight_smile: nice work


Absolutely beautiful! I’m inspired and delighted.


This looks fantastic! Any chance that you could take some additional pictures at an angle to show the depth/detail of the relief?


Unfortunately, to let @ryanl and other beta users focus on testing their machines, we’ve asked them not to ‘do requests’ from the forum.