Beta Project - Coat hook


Made a simple coat hook for my cube at work. The random one I scrounged just wasn’t going to cut it.

Three layers of Proofgrade maple ply laminated together for strength. Three hooks (hat, jacket, bag) and just in time for the heat wave so I won’t be wearing a jacket any time soon. Still it holds my headphones and sunglasses just fine.

My first design was huge. I had a 2" width for all the pieces and deep, deep hooks. Each one of my proposed three layers would have taken its own sheet of ply. I reduced it down to 1" wide and got it all on one sheet. I could go with 1/2" wide I think and be just fine.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 24th, 2017

Great design! (Love how it holds more than just a handbag.) :sunglasses:


Simple and well designed, I like it! :sunglasses:


Very clever design!


Sweet. And yeah, three layers of plywood will be plenty strong. Only question is stiffness.


Very nice first. I’d perfect the vectors and put it in the free design area. Never mind, I was confused. Still nice.


You must be thinking of someone else–definitely not a first for this beta tester!

Nice job, as usual!:grinning:


Love the rack! I just finished this pickleball paddle holder last week. Everyone in the office currently loves it. I can’t wait to see their reaction once I have the Glowforge as I plan on engraving their faces on the paddles.


This is great to see! I’d planned on doing something similar for the ping pong paddles/balls at our vacation rental home.




It’s awesome…

Everyone teases us for playing it but hey, very fun game. We just own the labels we get from the rest of the staff. They just built courts across the street from our office. We have showers in the office so we thought why not, and everyone who’s tried it enjoys it.


right, but…what is it?


Lol… Well you’ve seen the paddles and balls. You play it on a badminton sized tennis court, very similiar net height to tennis. Can be played indoor or outdoor.


Even talk of making it an Olympic sport.



There is a Pickleball Station in Kent, WA (they have a live webcam - The guys in my office “played it in HS” but I hadn’t heard about it until @Jamie mentioned it.