Beta Project - Engraved Phone Stand



Well, I was going to do Star Wars, but the font I had was all weird (I tried typing “Do or Do Not, There Is No Try” and it had WAY too many "R"s). My Harry Potter font was fine, so I went this route instead. I designed a simple phone stand in Fusion 360, exported the sketches and opened them up in Illustrator where I added the text to the front of the stand and the marauder’s map-esque graphics to the base.

I would make the base shorter next time to increase the tilt a bit. The phone stands a little too upright. I would also increase the distance that the tabs stick out from the front of the stand. Feels like the phone is right on the edge of falling off. Finally, I made the clips too narrow and one broke as I inserted it into the base, so I would increase the sizes on those as well.


That is amazing! @madebynick designed a stand that many of us are sporting on our desks too… I love the HP embellishments.


Hey, that’s cool! Nice to use the 2 wood types and the HP extras look great to give it some graphic treatment.

Hmmmm, now I want to come up with a neato phone stand holder thing… I need to learn fusion 360 or similar design program


I’ve been having a lot of success with it. My biggest problem thus far is that I never want to just make something simple… it took willpower to make this phone stand as simple as it is!


Love the HP theme! Great job on it! :relaxed:


Update… Once I plug the lightning cable in it is obvious that the stand is inadequate. I definitely need more pitch, and maybe a bit more height from the “bench” to the table to allow the cable to bend. That’s the beauty of it though, I can now go home, adjust my designs a bit and re-cut the stand.


I wonder if you could flip the base and re-cut the length and re-engrave the design? (not a request, just an out loud wonder)


Great project! I’ve really been enjoying making springy clips for no-glue assemblies recently too.

How about including a third tab with a hole cut into it to hold the body of the lightning cable? That could be useful in preventing the cable from falling from your desk onto the floor?


I’m going to do some other customization on the next one to include a couple of things that will be useful at my desk at work. A small cutout to hold a headphone extension that runs to my pc under the desk, something to hang my BT headphones on to charge, and another spot for my earbuds (that are typically plugged into the headphone extension)… maybe. This minimalistic stand could get pretty gaudy if I keep adding stuff to it.


Me likey👏