Beta Project: Inkscape tutorial (or links) is a must -- aka getting started on Xmas ideas

Inkscape has been a steep learning curve for me. Finally, I broke down, and started watching the videos instead of thinking I could probably just learn it, as it is a modern program, and ergo, pretty intuitive. I started with the below, which has been transformational in how I can play on the glowforge.

Made the little thing on the bottom right corner as a pre-holiday idea, in under 10 min. Woot.


Yay! I’m glad you’re getting traction and got to make a quick creation! I
may need to watch that video myself, since I, too, am learning Inkscape.


Inkscape works for me and the price is right but it is not my favorite tool.


I teach a couple of classes on lasers & design for my local Makerspace and use Inkscape just because it’s free (the MakerSpace does provide access to Adobe products but only on our machines). Since I can’t require the students to buy a tool like AI or Corel (I really prefer Corel), I teach Inkscape even though I use Corel primarily for my own work.


I use Inkscape as well. I’m enjoying classes on They’re not specifically Inkscape, but they explain things well enough that I’m starting to make some progress.

Also, the King County Library System can get you free access. Log In Databases | King County Library System">


Thanks for sharing, very useful!

This is a LONG inkscape tutorial, but I learned a LOT from watching it. I’m not into prop design, but it showed me how to “trace” an image and adjust the vector lines appropriately



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