Beta Project: LED Light Box!

Hi everybody,
I made a sweet little light box with our music label logo on it to set in the DJ booth and use at our events and any other promo opportunities. :wink:

Used the max width of the bed and utilized to get the .svg generated for a 19.5"x5"x5" box. Used the vector version of our logo & logotype to make cut lines for the front panel, and engraved the logo by itself on each side too. I used the :proofgrade: medium maple plywood. Also cut a piece of :proofgrade: frosted acrylic to fit inside against the front panel to help diffuse the light from inside.

Before I added the acrylic window piece, I assembled the box, added a little wood glue to make it strong and durable (not just press fit), and then layed on a few coats of matte black spraypaint. Let it all dry and finish.

Then I added the frosted acrylic piece, dabbed it in the corners and a few edges inside with some hot glue to keep it in place.

Bought a 16.4’ SMD5050 LED strip with power and remote and wrapped it around the interior of the box using the double sided tape it came with already on the back side of the strip. Used a bit of hot glue again in some spots to make sure it was all pretty secure to the wood inside faces (no sagging, falling off, etc.). The strip wrapped around 3.5 times. I left the back panel unglued, and plugged it in to test, and then used it that night (this past Saturday/Sunday) at our (special 12 hour!) monthly event! :smiley:

Here’s a bunch of pics:

And here’s a few (poor shots) from the event. It just so happens that the venue is less than a quarter mile down the street from :glowforge: HQ here in Seattle.

Inside the club…

And sunrise on the rooftop deck…

As always, thanks for checking this project out!

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That’s thinking outside the box! (Okay, sorry couldn’t help it!)

Looks professionally made…awesome! :sunglasses::+1:


Gosh, it’s amazing! Very eye-catching in a good way. I love the different colors.


That is a great design to illuminate without edge lit. Must bookmark and remember this one!


That turned out awesome! Wow you crammed a whole 5 meter light strip in there? I bet it’s probably brighter than the photos can convey? :slight_smile:


That turned out so well! Great job!! :+1::+1:


Very nice!


I think that’s one of my favorite illuminated projects of late. Love the design. I can think of several applications for that. Thanks for sharing! :grinning:

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