Beta Project: More Hello World



All righty!
Just following along with the manual and here is my 2nd project (after the Beta tester badge), my ‘Hello World’ trace. Quick and easy!

Finished piece


Congrats! 2 new betas in one day!


Uber cool! Welcome to another beta! Congrats! :grinning:


The only way I could be more gitty than seeing two new beta users would be if one of them was me. Congrats and we expect to live victoriously through you until…

edit: I meant vicariously.


Sweet! Have fun!


Great news! Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you make.


Woo congrats…looking forward to seeing what you can do.:grinning:


It looks great! Don’t forget to add ‘beta tester’ to your title!


Congrats you lucky fellow

May the forge be with you. Don’t let the magic pixi dust fall out


So exciting!!! Love it! (noticed your status is still “regular”)


Congrats! :grinning:


Great! Enjoy!


Wow. Great choice for a beta tester. Enjoy!


Thanks everyone! :smile:
I’m gonna do my best to see what this thing can do and what I can do with it. The support and comraderie here in this forum is special, and I’m stoked to be apart of it. :+1:


Woohoo another beta user. Awesome. Congratulations :hugs: