Beta Project - New Phone Stand



I wanted to update my previous phone stand. This time I chose one of my favorite things, Calvin and Hobbes. I played around with adjusting the edges of the stand to have the art expand beyond the original edges, and I added a small space under the phone deck to allow a cable to be rested there. I also shortened the rear-leg for a steeper angle.

I particularly like when the phone is landscape and Hobbes is peeking over.


I’m out of likes, but that is awesome! :grinning: :+1:


Very nice. Was Hobbes looking over the phone planned or a happy surprise? I love happy surprises.

Your posts about your avatar got me to get out my C&H books for a re-read. Now this - It just goes to illustrate that Scientific Progress Goes “Boink” because of the Glowforge.


Thanks. Hobbes peeking over was a happy surprise! I’ll have to redesign another one once I get the iPhone 7 Plus.


cute! I like the peeking too!


I need to dig through my boxes of books to find my C&H collection.


I like it a lot, great design!


Is there a way I can dump all my likes for the next month onto this post. This is my favorite beta so far. LOVE Calvin and Hobbs and always wished Watterson hadn’t been so head strong on the licensing. I definitely have my idea for first project out of the box. Thank you!


Great job!! Calvin and Hobbes have always been a favorite of mine.


So many love C&H…this phone stand design is so good, I bet there will be many similar ones when more people get their own GFs. - Rich


I’m not bragging…Oh, wait, yes I am :grin: My wife and boys bought me the Complete Anthology for Christmas.


Is a big collection :open_mouth: Im sure it was a great christmas :santa:


As I said in the other thread, I have that as well. I decided to give all of my individual books to a friend’s kid for his birthday a couple years ago… pass on the legacy as it were… he seems like a good candidate to identify with Calvin.


I keep my smaller collection for my boys right now. Every once in a while they will decide to re-read them and they end up doing on the athletic bus, or to school with them. Since I have the anthology now, I don’t freak out any more!


No anthology collection, but I have every book. Even a few small ones in French that I picked up on a trip to France many years ago. I call it a trip, not a vacation because I helped chaperone about 20 middle school kids with my niece and her husband. They were tough to corral long ago. Can’t imagine doing it with kids today.


Looks great. I like the way you pushed the design beyond the confines of the rectangle.


Nice job. This is a really nice technique to add to the kit bag. It helps make the piece more unique than a simple rectangle. It’s worth the extra effort. Rectangles (or other regular shapes) make for something with an engraving. A cut out following the shape of parts of the engrave elevates the engraving to be the “thing” vs just “on” it.

BTW, you can use this technique for edge/bottom lit acrylic - the light will still spread out through the piece even where it extends beyond the regular shape.


Bill Watterson is a cool guy, and Calvin and Hobbes is amazing.