Beta Project - Pallet Coaster



I saw this in my latest Make - Magazine email and thought it looked like a fun, quick project.

And here is the finished coaster.


Cool. Looks simple and easy! Nice work


I thought the same thing when I saw it on the website. Glad to see it was and looks great!


wow look great! Is it glued or only attached?


No glue and took a bit of work to fit everything together.




Oh man I love this one!


Oh yeah, that’s on the list! Is that poofgrade? :smiley:


Kind of industrial chic. Kewl. - Rich


Yes, that’s beta proofgrade plywood. (I emphasize the beta because we’re constantly striving to improve the materials!)


gonna have to make an R/C Forklift to go along with that!

or buy one, I guess


I almost posted that Make article, logged on to see you had already made it! looks great, nice job!


OMG! That is SO cute!


A perfect application for tongue depressors!


By the way, if you intend to make this yourself, I don’t know the measurements for tongue depressors or Popsicle sticks, but at the 9/32" measurement that she lists in the article, you will have a LOT of gap using 5 sticks spread over 3 7/8". I used 15mm width on my slats.


Tongue depressors are typically 3/4" wide and 6" long. May have to sister them to give the right thickness.


Really cool idea and nice execution! My only suggestion is to make it a more proper pallet by adding cutouts to the side and center cross-beams like this:

That way a forklift can pick the pallet up from all four sides.



Love the mini Forklift. :sunglasses: If you had that you could build a whole factory worth of pallets for it with the Glowforge.


Then make some meeples to work there…:slight_smile: