Beta Project: Pivot Framing -- Trust in Kirk



Improving on the Inkscape skills, this was a project from over the weekend.

Using a small drill bit and centering two holes on the top and bottom, and a couple small nails, made this quirky little pivot frame (and possible a pot holder in it’s flattened dimension.


Neat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something quite like that before!


Excellent design. Would be really great for awards or plaques. Option to display on desk or hang on wall. Brilliant.


InkSpace, Huh. I should try that software.


Cool idea, thanks for showing us!


Ooooh! Love it! Clever, clever, clever! :smiley:


I think that was a typo for Inkscape - I fixed it so others won’t be confused.


This is so neat… now I want to make some sort of spinner that turns in the breeze!


Yeah! If you had the same object with a different pose on each side, you could have a pseudo motion illusion. Very cool. - Rich


Nice Job!


Cool design. I love logging in to see a Beta project: title in the new section. It feel like Christmas with how many are there today. Keep them coming.


I guessed that, actually.:slightly_frowning_face:


Great concept. Welcome to the forum, we look forward to seeing more from you!


Wind spinners cut like this but with many more interior cutouts will be cool with the Glowforge.


That’s so cool. I had never seen one of those before. Now you have me thinking of what I can make next. Hmmmm!!!


And resizing that idea brings up multiple uses! Place setting name tags, picture frames, Holiday decorations (larger) signs, cards (as in birthday,holiday,etc.) where it will mail flat and the recipient can display! Very nice job - so many varied beta projects, from art to functional !!!


I love the design. I have been thinking about a way to do some picture frames and this just sent my head in a whole new direction (I’ll probably lose it-my head-before much longer.