Beta Project: Printing my first imported file



So I was able to print my first imported design today. My younger daughter likes a little peach-octopus character from the overwatch game so I set out to do a simple design that used etch, cut and score. It took me a couple of tries to get it correctly separated by color and what seems like line type (seemed to separate filled shapes and lines of the same color into different operation groups). It printed out really well even though it was just a small 1" charm and put a smile on my daughters face when she saw it :slight_smile:




That’s adorable! I like the use of the score as well - very nice!


Oh man, pachimari! Everyone I know who plays overwatch wants one. One of the weird things about them in the game is that they are super dense. Rocket explosions will throw chairs and tables across a room, but will barely budge a pachimari…


Well, that’s adorable too! I’m getting so many ideas going from seeing all of these test cases, and picking up operational clues along the way!

Squeeeeee! :smiley:


Nice job :grinning: I can imagine your daughter squee and the rest of your childrens asking for one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: