Beta Project: Quick & Easy Trace Pendant for my Daughter



This was a super quick and easy pendant project I did for my daughter. Knowing what the GF can do, she brought me a drawing she made and asked if I would make her a ‘charm’ out of it.

I asked her what material she wanted to use and if she wanted it bigger or smaller. She said ‘light wood’ and to keep it the same size. No problem! :slight_smile:

So, I simply put the piece of paper her drawing is on into the bed of the GF, and hit the ‘trace’ button. It took the photo and did it’s magic, and within mere seconds I had the file ready to print. First time that I tried this without actually tracing a drawing that was on the masking of material itself. :wink:

I removed the paper and replaced it with the material she wanted it on, placed the design where I wanted it, left settings at default (for speed), hit print, and pushed the button. Couldn’t be easier…

See her happy face below.


That’s so totally wonderfully great!!


I love this! My daughter just printed some pendents for a school fundraiser - sold out immediately. Coincidentally, also of an owl!


How sweet it is! There are going to be lots of deservedly spoiled children in the near future. :smiley:


Very cool example of this feature in the real world. Thank you!


Thumbs up, I see this as a very popular use of the Glowforge.


Awesome! (And you’ve got another artist in the family!) :grinning:


I think this may be what I’m most excited about… Seeing what my kids design. I haven’t told them I purchased a Glowforge yet because I didn’t want to get their hopes up as to when it might arrive. But every time my daughter draws something I think “Yep! That’ll be SO cool in acrylic.”


That’s awesome. My daughters are waiting for the day they can bring their drawings to life :smile:


Great! Thank you for sharing your daughter’s trace, and her beautiful smile!
The ability to just scan an image/object and execute it without having to manually generate the file in software is exciting. That allows everyone to participate!


How cool! Just goes to show how fun this will be for kids!


Fantastic !! Now instead of taping your child’s art to the fridge, you can make it into a fridge magnet !!!


This just brings the excitement back to the fore! I can scarcely stand this! Thank you. :heart_eyes: