Beta Project: Some :glowforge: Design Catalog Jewelry



Hello there everyone,
I’ll make this post quite a bit more succinct than the previous one I posted last week. :wink:

I made a few of the items that are available from the design catalog. Check it out!
These are done on scrap pieces I have of the :proofgrade: hardwoods, and I went to my local bead store to snag the hardware to finish em off.

‘Summer Feather Dangle Earrings with Details’

These are actual size of the design as imported directly to the app from the catalog after purchase.
Ran the engrave 3 times with each of the presets: light, medium, dark. See the results below…

You can see the differences clearly between the 3 settings.

The lightest setting is not only low power (not dark) but very low lpi apparently. Looks like a dot matrix printer or something! No bueno for me…

Medium is ok, but not great. Still a lower lpi and not enough contrast I think…

The darkest setting looks great. :slight_smile:

I also bought and made the ‘Summer Feather Necklace’ to go with the earrings.
I just went with the darkest preset for the engrave and it looks cool.

I tried the ‘Grecian Goddess Short Leaf Dangle Earrings’ too…

And also did the ‘Art Nouveau Understated Glamour Necklace and Earrings Set’. I broke the earring hardware on one when trying to twist it 90 degrees so the piece would hang properly, but here are some pics. I’m not sure what type of :proofgrade: hardwood this is though. It was an older piece I still had a scrap of from last year… before the labeled QR code materials I get now. I didn’t sand it or anything, but I did apply a few coats of Danish Oil to give it a bit of a finish…

When my 9 year old daughter saw the feather earrings, she wanted them, but they were a bit too big on her, hanging down and touching her clavicle/sholuder. So I simply resized them down slightly within the :glowforge: app layout and printed up another set. The engraving still has great detail at what is probably 60-75% scale from the original imported.

You can’t actually download the designs to edit them or anything. They simply appear in your ‘designs’ page library, and open directly into the app layout page.

Here’s some pics of her with her new :glowforge: :proofgrade: maple hardwood bling!

Thanks for reading and checking this project out! :smile:

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Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 20, 2017

Very nice designs–thanks for giving us a sneak peek! She looks so cute in her new jewelry.


very cool. Thanks for showing us the different iterations based on engraving darkness. And BTW, best jewelry model ever!


Love all of those designs…and I’ve got a couple of nieces who would love to see those in their Christmas stocking. :relaxed:


So pretty! I love seeing all of this wood jewelry…so great for using those tiny scraps from other projects!


SO cool!


Nice, they really look great.