Beta Project: Spinning Top (Glowforge Design Catalog)



Quick Glowforge design catalog test and chose the spinning top. Slapped an Imperial seal on it and cut away. Perfect.

Let me take a moment, aknowledge and take responsibility for the fact that this is my first Star Wars project.

Video -

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 11th, 2017

:slight_smile: looks great! How well does it spin?


You should be able to see the video if you copy/paste that link.


Doh! Totally glanced over that. :slight_smile:


Looks great! (Are you absolutely sure that’s your first SW project though?) :wink: :hedgie:


Aw, it’s tiny! :slight_smile:


i don’t think i’ll bother making a top, as while they look cool, i suspect producing a really great one is a lot of work.

all that said, i’m in love with that two-piece handle. pretty clever design.


What kind of work do you mean?


i feel like tops have become something of a rage the past five years or so but maybe i’m wrong, with this many kickstarter projects how impossible can it be✓&term=spinning+tops


I never would have thought that there would have been so many. Interesting. :relaxed:


Kind of the difference between a plain wood yo-yo of the 1920s and the ball bearing, perfectly balanced high tech yo-yos produced today. One is a toy for a child, the other for a teen or adult.


that’s pretty much my feelings too


I’ve got hundreds of both. Vintage and new. Things that spin fascinate my inner child.


One of my favorites was the ‘U’ shaped wire frame handle with the red plastic spinner that had magnetic tips and tracked over and under the handle, around and around.
That and the old gyro you yanked a string off of the axel to spin it.
Wholesome toys that introduced you to physics :sunglasses:
Who knew angular momentum was so much fun?


Maybe the Beyblade anime series helped a bit.

Here we have the traditional wooden “Trompo”, the same but vintage :smile:


Very big in Mexico.


Another project I will share with my wife for her 1st grade STEM class. Thanks and well done!


Don’t let the class see this video…

may give them ideas…


Heehe, I love this guy. Didn’t realize he had this second channel, thanks!
Here is what autoplayed next for me.

Not quite as dangerous, but still neat


I got a CNC lathe last year and have been thinking lately that it could turn out tops pretty quickly and the GF could make nice little storage boxes for them. They’d make nice Christmas presents for friends and family.