Beta Project: Steampunk Power supply



This is the current state of a model power supply for a pair of Steampunk “aetheric disintegrators” and is designed to be worn on the back of a belt. It isn’t 100% done but the design and assembly of the body are done so it is complete as far as the Glowforge is concerned. A bit of electronics and programming are all that remain.

The Gauge is the same one I showed earlier. The dials are eventually going to be controlling the Red, Blue, and Green mix of the LED illumination which for now is just white. They are two parts of 1/4 acrylic. They looked like this before painting.

To me the most impressive part is the hardest to see. It is the guts of the unit. It is made of several laser cut gears in a stack around a quartz crystal. The transparent properties of the acrylic makes it a wonderful material to do this with and the gear teeth give it a nice texture.

I was able to measure the inner diameter of the tube and print out all the gears in less than an hour. This would have been quite a different project had I done it by hand.

The Glowforge has made this such a fun and quick project. I can’t really explain the feeling of dreaming up a part and having it in my hand 10 minuets later.

Oh, for the curious the body of the unit is a 4" PVC pipe coupler, the ends are cut down pipe end caps, the rivets and raised bands are polystyrene and foam filled ABS and the bent window is Lexan. None of which I plan on cutting with the Glowforge :slight_smile:


How fun. I love how easy you make this look.


I was looking at the first picture and was very confused. I couldn’t figure out what you laser cut!

Amazing job!


I love the acrylic around the crystal! shiny :slight_smile:


I cannot wait to see the whole costume. If it’s half as good as this, it’ll be better than the movie.


I bet it will look really, really cool with the colored lights, but it’s already really cool with the white lights.


Great project, I have to wait too make anything, I don’t have a Glowforge. :weary: At least I will see one Saturday.


Wow. That is so cool and creative! Great job and I love the crystal! :smile:


I love steam punk So much great work , excited for the full costume


Very cool. I have always liked Steampunk stuff.


Great example of the 'forge augmenting your creativity, which is stellar BTW!
Thank you for your time - and the inspiration!


This is absolutely wonderful! What a great example of the machine’s capacity to enhance complex creative projects!


Now that it is complete I thought I would post a picture of the finished product. There are more laser cut parts than there were before but they are internal supports so I can’t show a good picture.


That’s incredible! What fantastic work.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Cosplay is what my boys are most excited about (not that I’m not, I’m just letting them take the lead. They’ve already been researching techniques that would work well with the laser.


Now, that does look pretty cool.