Beta Project: Tiny Tikal



As you know, one of my passions is board games, and I intend to use Glowforge to make various bits and parts, as well as making prototypes and such. I wanted an multi-material project and I wanted it to be board game related.

My favorite game is Tikal ( Tikal is known as an action point game (that is you get an allotted number of points to use on your turn and various actions cost various numbers of points) in which you are exploring the rain forest looking for temples and treasure. You place workers, move them around the board which is unknown at the beginning of the game, explore temples and dig up treasures. After several scoring rounds, the one with the most points is the winner.

I wanted my project to have to do with Tikal. I looked around on Boardgame Geek (linked above) and found the rules to a two player variant! I had my project, instead of using the full game, I would make a smaller, easily transportable version, and I called it Tiny Tikal!

The board is leather. The board tiles are padauk. The treasure tokens are walnut. The temple pieces are clear acrylic. The player pieces are either blue or red acrylic.

Weekly Highlights for the Week ending January 21, 2017

Nice job! I hope you release that file so I can laser one out for myself :grin:



I’ve heard great things about Tikal too…


Fantastic. Great idea. I just unpacked my board games. Going to start thinking about which ones I could make travel versions of too.


OMG! I’m not much of a gamer, but I dare not let my nieces and nephews see that…I’ve already been committed to a wooden Catan set for next Christmas…(and I’m not sure I’ll be up to knocking out either of those by then!) Great job! :smile:


favorite board game ever!!! love the idea!


Wow very impressive job!!!


Fantastic work!


Wow. Like the idea of leather for the board.


Awww. The meeple is so tiny. And reminds me I need to buy a set of calipers.


I saw the title and thought you had built a miniature model of the actual Tikal:

But now I need to check out the board game too!


It’s been out of print a while, but there might be a new version coming soon. It’s an excellent game with lots of choices and multiple paths to victory.


@chadmart1076 That looks like an amazing game. Definitely checking it out when I get a chance! Great job with the Tiny Tikal board. I Love the Micro-Meeples!


I ordered the game, and it arrives today. I am a huge Catan game, and this was one that I was eyeing for a while, and your post pushed me over the edge to order it. We’ll play it this weekend!

I will now have another board game to create pieces for once the GF arrives


That’s awesome! I hope you enjoy the game as much as I do.


I was raised in a board game household and I’ve made sure that mine is a board game household. I must know this game.


CoolStuffInc has just one in stock! :smiley:


Smegging hell!

Oh, wait. I’m okay. Amazon’s got 4. Which means I can stop wasting company time looking at board games. :wink: