Beta Project: Toy Viking Sword


Hello folks,

I got drug away from the GF for a bit by work, but I’ve got a couple of new projects I’m working on. This one is for my five year old son. He put in a request for a sword, and here it is, a viking era toy sword.

First, the CAD linework. The sword is built up of five layers of wood. The center layer (the blade) is 1/4" plywood while the hilt is built up layers of 1/8" hardwood. I planned to fasten the layers together with square pegs and glue.

Here are the pieces precisely cut by the GF.

And the assembled sword before finishing.

And a little metallic acrylic paint to finish it off.

My son apparently likes it enough to bring it to breakfast. Maybe there ought to be a rule against weapons at the dining table.

My son and I are working on a papier mache viking helmet (no, real viking helmets didn’t feature horns). I’ll update this post with a little photoshoot when that’s done.


Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 11th, 2017

That turned out really, really great!


Cool! Looks great, and I’m sure he loves it!


I never thought of square pegs for alignment. Easy to make and any scrap can do. Love the technique and sword!


Your sword is way more elaborate than the one my son & I made! But I got him to learn to stitch leather by making him a leather scabbard and belt that he had to sew himself. :wink:


Cool design! (I’m lovin’ the square pegs too!) :relaxed:


No self respecting Viking would allow such a rule!


Great idea. I’ll cut a scabbard and belt and have my son lace it up. Is that Sting by chance?


That looks good Ryan. I like the 1/4" plywood for the sword. It gives it a nice heft. He could really bean someone with that. :slight_smile:


Gorgeous!!! @RyanL Would you like to share the vector file? I have made a half dozen swords for my two grandsons and they go thru them way too fast! Maybe a more beautiful one like you made would be treated better and last longer!!!


You guys have no idea how excited this kind of stuff makes me to become a Dad! :smile:


Sorry man- not likely.
My dad thinks that my 4- and 6-year old boys will treat his artist crafted toys like heirlooms- but they get the same treatment as hot wheels.
Toys are meant for playing. Cool looking toys may get more playing- which translates to broke quicker.
Well worth the effort to feed imagination. But toys are toys.




He could. You might want to start working on shields and armor for your kids.


Are you sure about the horns?






You and your Dad must be much more experienced at raising kids than I am!! I can still have hope!!!


Around here we just use pipe insulation and cardboard disks for swords. That’s a big step up. Might be worth designing a deliberate weak point in the joint between the hilt and the blade, so that it will break predictably and perhaps reparably…


This makes me wish I needed a sword!