Beta project twelve (Acrylic in Wood Inlay)

Back in the beginning, I started this thread just for the fun of it:

I promised a prize the winning entry, as chosen by a random panel of Glowforge staff members.
They voted (kind of) and as far as I can tell @Xabbess won.

Here we are almost six months later, and even though it may seem as if I had forgotten, I had not! (no really, I didn’t!)

The first thing was to come up with a design that utilized the Glowforge, would be able to withstand actual use as jewelry, and which I would be able to get done in my “spare” time.
I decided on a simple silver disk with a bezel to hold a wooden cut-out of the Glowforge logo.

In order to make the logo stand out nicely, so I used the beautiful red Padauk, which I thought would look great with the silver outside. After cutting it though I decided I did not like the black edge inside the logo, it was just too dark. It occurred to me I could cut an acrylic piece to insert inside. Many experiments followed…

In the lower right you can see my final success (this thing is only .625” in diameter and it looks great!).

There was a real trick to getting a tight fit between the plastic and the wood. I cut the plastic backwards, so that the kerf angle (as small as it is) would cancel out. I had to tap the insert into place, but once it was in there it was NOT coming out! The only thing I would do differently would be to calculate just a little better and extend the length of the curved sections to account for the loss of circumference when I scaled the insert down to fit.

After that it was pretty basic metalsmithing.
I have a set of circle punches that made quick work of the backing piece.

A little strip of silver for the bezel,

a jump ring and some solder and a quick trip to the buffer and done.

I used a tiny drop of CA glue to hold the wood in there, but given how tight the fit is I am not sure I even needed it.
Obligatory “beauty shot” on the Glowforge go button.

I realized while doing this that I am really out of practice, so I apologize for the not so great craftsmanship. However, if you still want it @Xabbess just send me a private message or email me your postal address, and it will go out in the mail.


Really nicely done :slight_smile:


Sweet! :relaxed:


Do you ever sleep? I am retired, and do no work, but I can’t even keep up with all of the posts on the forum. Plus you are making all of these very cool projects and documenting them to boot. I am truly impressed by all that you do. You are an inspiration to all of us.:grin:


Love it. For a second I thought you’d replaced the “go” button with this. Haha!!


Wow. Really sweet, and a reminder of just what cool, intricate cuts a laser can make. (Most of the things we see have simple cuts and intricate engraving.)


Jealous of @xabbess!

I think your silver work is lovely.


Very nice! And a great showcase of the GF’s capabilities.


Not only did I enjoy the blow by blow description of how you made this, it’s really gorgeous…and of course I would LOVE to have it. Sending a message to you. Thank you so much! I feel very honored and proud. :heart_eyes:


Congrats @Xabbess!! Wear it proudly. :grin:


This is great! What a fun project.


@davidgal2 there are many folks here who do so much more then I do. I happen to spend 10-12 hours a day sitting in front of a computer, so the forum part is easy. I feel most alive when I am making things though, so that is my one real form of “relaxation”.

@JeremyNielsen what is really funny is that @dan thought that as well!


This is purdy. Love to see what can be done with this kind of precision! Your craftsmanship helped as well.


Just stunning, Josh. Wonderful work!


Wow! That is really lovely. It’s been really awesome seeing such a wide variety of projects. Glowforge chose an excellent beta tester. Well done.


Josh, I know we are not supposed to ask you questions, but…

Could you tell us a little about how the machine is to use? How the software feels to you, have you tried registration, alignment kind of stuff. Whatever else might be appropriate to tease us with about actually using the machine?


Congrats @jkopel ! Really lovely work!


That looks great!


Great example of combining skills!
Exotic hardwood with an inlay and a full silver finding combined to create a worthy piece of jewelry from a skilled craftsman - using the very laser you are waiting for @Xabbess!

Excellent idea, result and share there Josh!
Thank you!


I love how well this shows of the precision of the Glowforge.