Beta Project - X-Wing Templates



Those who are familiar with the miniatures game X-Wing know that there are some chipboard templates that come with the game. I have always wanted to replace those with cooler ones, so I started working on it today.

Here is the OG template.

Here is my first attempt:

And here is my best attempt yet (decided I didn’t like the red so much):

I also had an issue with my first set of numbers… but it led to an interesting discovery of just how thin we can make cuts!

(The one fell apart because I accidentally cut it twice.)


Yowsers! How’d you get the thin cutouts? Double cutlines? (Can’t believe they survived!)


Out local board game shop sells the acrylic versions of these and it’s definitely been on my project list. Great to see it come out of the Glowforge!


i’m wondering if it was a stroke and a fill-outline … hard for me to judge the size, but I would guess each number is smaller than an inch square.


I’m going to guess it was either a stroke that was expanded with the expand command, or an outline stroke.


The font had a double stroke and I didn’t know it before I cut.


I find the lack of Star Wars in this thread disturbing.


That’s thin. Cookie cutter makers will rejoice.


Yes! X-wing is excellent. I will also be making acrylic range finders and tokens as soon as the glow forge arrives. Also planning a series of Death Star tile and other terrain pieces for displaying my sons (and my) collection on the shelf.


These are not the letters you are looking for.


These laser points…too accurate for Sand people. Only Imperial Glowforgers are so precise.