Bets on how much will be sold by 6pm Friday?

I’m sure the GF crew has their own pool going on but thought it might be a fun community discussion…
I’m going with $19M :smile:

Based on the observation that the pace has accelerated recently (up 3MM in the past 2 days! ) , I will go out on a limb and guess $20MM.

@Dan, have the ratios of basic vs basic+filter vs pro remained similar to the first week (23%, 29%, 48%)?

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I’m going large. There will be a rush towards the end and they’ll hit $22M.

I’m going to guess it will be just shy of $20M, lets say $19.9M. :wink:

$18,871,950.34 - what do I win?

can we guess how many units actually will sell, too? - My number is 5804.

I have a feeling that they’ll just sneak over the $20M mark. There seems to be a pretty decent surge happening over the last day or two!

How do you find your order number?

Gonna guess 21.5 million…nuff said.

By the rate it’s going up right now… 25 mio :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if this were Price Is Right … I’ll be that guy

I’m going with $1 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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$20,172,843 (+/- $1 :sunglasses:)

18.7M right now. I’d say a minimum of 22M as you normally see an sharp uptake of as people love to wait to the last minute.

Looking likely to hit $20M by the end of today. My original estimate is way off. I think they’ll hit $23-24M by tomorrow night.

I still think $25M+ just due to the fact that, like me, a lot of people waited or couldn’t order till almost at the end.

It is still a hefty investment for a lot of people, and they have to think about it.

Really happy for @dan and everyone at Glowforge for their success! :thumbsup:

Pushing $21M as of now!

Approaching 22M now. 1M in 6h :smiley:

Edit: My guess: 25M

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25 million. That is a safe bet as of now. Now if they would take another 1500 from me, that would be great.

Well, I’m happy to say my bet was wrong! :grinning:

25 MILLION. I win the bet (of the top 6 posters a few days back)! So… as a prize (and the fact that I’ll run this printer through ALL kinds of usage/paces) maybe (just maybe) I could get the printer in december!!! :slight_smile:

I thought I was the first one to say 25M :wink:

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