Better Beta Badges, Buddy?



So there are now a bunch of Glowforge Beta units out and about… but the only person marked as having the Beta User badge is still @jkopel.
I did see that @chadmart1076 has “beta user” (lower case) next to his name, but it is not clickable (the way “Beta User”, “Regular”, or “Staff” are).

I wonder if this is just oversight, a discourse bug, or if it is to protect the identities of the Betas until they are ready to emerge from anonymity.


Haha, I was just wondering this too. Haha. I was trying to figure out how many public betas there are now.


There’s a little swarm of them, and the new projects have got me stuck in permanent “squeeeeee” mode! :joy:


‘Beta User’ is probably the forward facing group that we can see. ‘beta user’ is most likely the hidden group we can’t see. Hence the back dated posts that’ magically appear from time to time.

Or someone got lazy creating that group the second time around?

Who knows.


Maybe @jkopel is the only real beta user and all the rest are his alternate personalities.


We resemble that remark.


Arg. I’m normally not too OCD, but I had to click through to see what was up. I guess it doesn’t matter, but given that the Beta Users are a highly select and envied group, they should get all the badges and props allowed.


I guess I just wanted to be able to click over and see a constantly growing list of Beta User names. Not that it really matters, I read through their posts as soon as I get access to them anyway.

Also, I have since realized that only the “staff” title is clickable.


Would that be the “user card badge” that doesn’t have anything with it except in the drop down menu? Do Betas have one?


I will work with @Rita to sort it out - I was the one who set Josh up and probably did not properly convey the magic incantations necessary.


Klaatu Barada Nikto.




Multipass !


Hey, thanks @dan and @rita, looks like you fixed it!


Finally i have company, it has been so lonely in here!


yeeheehee… the Beta group now goes to Eleven!


wow!! that’s great!!! if there are so many it means we are in the final countdown. :grinning:


@Rita sorted it out, I get no credit. :slight_smile:


Oh, you get credit…just not for the solution.