Better Pins?

Everyone knows about hold-downs / pins… Someone on facebook took it to another level.

Not sure if those are laser cut or waterjet or what… but he sent me a set free of charge because people were giving him crap on facebook about how they were going to damage the honeycomb, or reflect back into the laser head when they ran over them and I said I’d order some just to prove them wrong (or possibly right). Just wasn’t going to let people speculate on something they had no idea about. (I mean, if you are using your GF right you aren’t going to laser over your hold downs anyway, right???) :smiley:

In any case… I can say that vertically they don’t hold anything down and horizontally they are too tight… but that 45 degree angle or so they are just right and work great. And I doubt very much that they are going to damage anything.

If anyone wants to get their hands on a set (picture shows 6 but I thought there were 8… might be wrong), just message me and I’ll point you at the guy on facebook. I don’t even know how much they are since he sent them to me for free.


Nice! I imagine if you’re horribly worried about reflection you could spray the tops with dry moly or another marking agent (spoken as someone who has totally lasered over my pins :stuck_out_tongue: )


Cool! Wonder if @jamesdhatch could cut them with his plasma cutter…

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Yeah. I suspect that’s how these were made. I think they used the design file from here and failed to adjust for the kerf properly.

The plasma kerf is 10X my GF’s (.065" vs .007"). Also properly setup, there is no kerf on the outer cut - it’s all in the scrap. The plasma doesn’t only cut down the center of a line but can be told to cut to one side or the other as appropriate so the retained piece is true to size w/o a half a kerf width impinging on it.

However, it also has a more pronounced bevel than the laser provides and I think the two are why they only fit one way.

I like the fact that my wooden ones wear out over time. It means I’m not wearing out my honeycomb. I’d be worried with these that I’d be damaging the bed. It seems the steel or even aluminum would be stiffer than the relatively thin walls of the honeycomb and distort them.


It’s possible it might. But I gave it the old college try to get it in at a 90 degree angle and I think that honeycomb is tougher than we think it is. I couldn’t force it in without going and finding a hammer; which I wasn’t prepared to do. :slight_smile:

These do work well, and since I don’t use pins anyway I told him I’d give it a shot and am not worried in the least about damage to the bed. I can always go back to my magnets.

Well you have given me a project to consider (I’d adjust for kerf as I expect these are oversized by a kerf width) and I think it could probably use a wider cut in the center because the metal is harder to squeeze together than the wooden ones.

I have to say though I still use magnets more than anything else :grinning:

BTW, your friend needs to adjust his speed or airflow so the edges don’t have those waves. Might want to check his air dryer as wet air will sometimes do that too.


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