Better Together Clutch from Catalog



I’ve been working on this for a little while, mainly getting the beadwork ready. It’s a concept I had in my mind awhile and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

After cutting the leather, I dyed it with Eco-Flo water based dye (a mixture of green and yellow), buffed it, conditioned it with Fieberg’s Leather Lotion, and buffed again. The beadwork embellishment was made in tubular brick stitch using 15/0 seed beads. I made spiral end caps out of 20 gauge gold colored wire, and threaded more 20 gauge wire through the beadwork and into the two holes on the ends of the strap. I also drilled holes in the strap and stitched the beadwork to it so it would lay flat. I sweated bullets tucking all those side ends in but it worked out okay in the end.


Lovely! Great work!


Oh, that is so totally unfair to show off your mad beading skillz too! :smile:
(Looks phenomenal!) Watermelon - it reminds me of summer.


That looks really nice. (Tho I have no shoes to match :sunglasses:)


Omigosh, this is simply stunning. What a really lovely color, and un yeah…you just had to go an put that incredible beadwork on it to top it all off. :wink: Fantastic! You must be really pleased.


Such a lovely job! Beautifully done!


Great work! The beading really sets it off :star_struck:
I don’t have the patience for that.




You really took this design and made it your own! The colors and textures of the leather and the beads combine to make something absolutely stunning.


I would be stepping on beads in the middle of the night for ages if I attempted that.

Nice job!!!