Better Way to Color Fill Acrylic?

Bless the man who provided the motel key SVG file, because I am having so much fun with it…

But seriously, my color fill in looks not so good. I’m using the method where I squeegee paint all over the nooks and wait until it dries to remove the excess off the non-engraved portions. It just does not look clean and I’m not sure what I can do to fix it… Any suggestions?

I’m interested in buying the two tones acrylics but based on some of the posts on the community board, it seems like a very finicky product to use? Thoughts?


Nothing against your desire to want a cleaner color fill — and I don’t have a suggestion to give— but the rough fill looks pretty authentic to the look of a gnarly ol’ foil-stamped motel key.


You might try spray paints…I haven’t yet, but a number of folks on here seem to swear by them


Might try multy color layered acrylic. You burn away the top layer and expose the color beneath

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Same product - different descriptions. It can be useful stuff, but often the top layer will leave a dust of colour onto the bottom layer giving you a murkier look than you might be looking for (the “finicky” they refer to). Often a high speed do-over will vaporize that extra powder so it still may be worth trying :slight_smile:

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I’ve also had bad luck with trying to fill in engraves. Doing a few light coats helps. And I find craft paint and a brush to work better than a rattle can.


I’ve used acrylic paint pens. In case you’re not familiar, they’re paint, but in a pen. They’ve worked for me. I haven’t tried any other methods yet.


I’ve used these oil paint sticks. Rub it in before your take off the masking for easier clean up.

Jack Richeson 121608 Shiva Oil Paintstik, Iridescent Gold/Silver and Copper,

You can get them in other colors of course.


I’ve gotten great results using Vintaj paints (got them at Hobby Lobby). Check it here:


Do you have any company suggestions that offer this type of acrylic?

Is this waterproof by chance? I’d love to paint my item before removing the tape but I always have to soak my pieces or else I’m at risk of chipping all my nails off trying to lift the tape.

Most places that sell acrylic carry at least some; TAP plastics, Johnson Plastics, Inventables, etc. You can do a search on here for other acrylic sources

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Yes it is.

I’m not sure how it would work on acrylic, but I have had a lot of luck filling in wood engraving with lightweight spackle. You have to work quickly, but it fills in completely. I spread it on and let it dry before removing the paper.

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It’ll crumble and fall out of non-porous material once fully dried out. It even falls out of wood if not covered/sealed and the object is handled frequently.

You might like plastic razor blades :smiley:


^^ this ^^


I bought an acrylic model and it came with a “peeling tool”, which was itself just a stick of acrylic with a rounded end. I felt kind of dumb for never realizing that. Acrylic doesn’t scratch itself, so that’s a really easy way to get the paper off.


I’ve had a lot of good results with Golden High-Flow Acrylic. One dab in the middle of an engrave and it spreads out without climbing the sides. When that dries, I use a clear filler to bring it up to flush.


I use thinned out acrylic paints for art work (e.g. LiquiTex) . I put them in the little fine tipped bottles you can find on Amazon and flood the area with the masking on. Let it dry, take off the masking and do a little cleanup with denatured alcohol.