Beyond Coasters - Need Ideas

I’ve had a lot of success on Etsy selling Birch wood 4x4 coasters in circle and square modes with various designs engraved on them. I’ve got a pretty good system down. I have the shipping materials and lacquer finishes for them, and I feel that I’ve got a pretty good thing going.

That being said, I’d like to start branching out and finding something other than a $3 item to make. Any suggestions on where to move my imagination next??

So, you’re asking us to tell you what we sell so that you can copy it? There’s a small flaw in that plan :wink:

TBH, the best advice I got was “well, what do you want to make? Start there.” Almost anything can sell if the quality is good enough, just find what you want to make, then do it really well and see where it leads.


Take a stroll through the “Made on a Glowforge” section. There are all sorts of great projects documented there, and you’re going to know better than any of us what sorts of things you’re interested in making. :slight_smile:


Oh, not necessarily lol - Wondering if folks also worked beyond just basic ideas and looking more for inspiration. I’ll check the Made on Glowforge section.

If I wanted to copy someone, I’m smart enough to just go troll Etsy :wink:


What are your other hobbies other than making stuff? I’m very interested in photography - If I’d sell something on Etsy, it would be related to this. Pinhole cameras, box cameras, etc etc.

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Just as an aside, I think the laser cut photography accessory market is a huge, untapped niche. That realm has a ton of opportunities.


Google is my friend when I find I want to try something new just use the search “laser cutting ideas” there are lots of Ideas out there.

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