Bicast Leather Notebooks for Engraving

Has anyone engraved on a bicast leather notebook? Specifically this one:

I am wondering if it’s hazardous or if I should use vinyl transfer paper to protect it.


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Wouldn’t recommend it lasering the vinyl at all, and I’m pretty sure I saw it somewhere in GF information to avoid using it. Leather itself it OK, but the vinyl/polyurethane coating, as well as binders, would be nasty to breath vapors, as well as likely horrible results under the laser…

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Well, based on how Wikipedia and other sites describe bicast leather, I wouldn’t chance it:

Hitting the vinyl would be a problem. Or, to be more exact, it would be a problem if it is PVC.

You could try contacting the manufacturer to ask the exact composition. If any of it contains chlorine, you don’t want to laser it.

EDIT: Wow, simultaneous response to a 6h old question! :sunglasses:


Thanks so much! I’m new to this so it is very helpful!

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Thank you!!