BIg Box - My first

One thing that the Glowforge does not allow that is much more my working style is to try and modify taking advantage as you discover things and modifying as you go. You either do it or not, there is no real “modify as you go”. I would have made it smaller, but by that point it already was. Also, any decorating will have to wait till the next one.

I was experimenting with tiny fingers and that went well. I also had to come up with handles and the first try there did not come out well, and so had to make new handles (the failed ones are on top of the box to show the finger holes that are unseen at the bottom of the handles. I would also add more and longer hinges, but that too needs planning before you even understand how they work.

I had planned for many fancy pieces to hold the tools, but they will be built later and added to this or the next one. however for all that it looks better than the plastic one that was stolen.


Looks like a good result…I like working with the teeny tiny teeth too. :wink:


Nice look with the smaller connections. Good job!

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That’s pretty neat! I hope the thieves didn’t get much of your good stuff. I’ve been a burglary victim way too many times so I can sympathize.

I was moving and tons was lost/left behind/etc anyway but I had packed that box with the best tools, and had it right at the door of the trailer to get in first. The truck we were towing the trailer with burned to the ground on the way scorching the front of the trailer and I sat on that box staying with the trailer till another truck came to tow it. Only the woman that sold me the house trailer and her partner were here while they were unloading and I went with the owner of the truck to the bank to help him with the lost truck.

The toolbox never made it into the house and I could not prove anything.

I don’t understand what you mean about modifying as you go. The GFUI isn’t designed or intended to be a design program. Are you expecting it to be? Is there something else that I am not understanding in your statement?
The reason I bring it up is that I have found it very easy to iterate using the GF. I don’t assume the GFUI is a design program and is anything more than a controller for the GF, so I iterate in my design program, and have had very good results - I can often use the results from one run and have the result I want on the second run.
Can you explain a little more about what you are expecting? There may be something already available you can take advantage of or it may be that your expectations need to be adjusted.


I was speaking of the rest of the crafts I have done and how different they are from working on the Glowforge. If you are painting a picture and part does not come out right you just paint over it. Even furnace glass that has its own pace and there is no going back is still a constant conversation in extreme present tense between you and the molten glass that will die if it loses your attention for a moment.

This is more like architecture that everything is preplanned and nothing real exists until you send it off, and if you are wrong about some aspect or forgot or didn’t add the engraved artwork, it might be done on another piece, there will be cleaning or sanding etc, but the result is pretty much done, except if it does not cut all the way through, in which case you must decide if it is worth using a knife or tossing it.

Thank you for the clarification. That makes more sense, especially from my point of view where I always have worked from a plan first and generally don’t make a lot of changes.

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