Biggest print/cut on a Basic

What is the biggest that I should be able to cut on my Basic? I started out with a project that was 11.5 inches tall and it won’t let me cut it. I have made it smaller and smaller and am down to 10.25" and it still won’t let me cut. It is still saying it is too big. I’m totally confused as I thought I should be able to cut a little bigger than this.

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The actual cutting area of the bed is about 10.9 x 19.5. If you are just cutting, you should be able to wiggle a design that size into the “cuttable area” and it will stop saying “No Artwork”. If, however, you are engraving, then the area is smaller. The head has to speed up and slow down at each edge, so while you may still get 10.9 height (maybe), you will get far less width, depending on the speed.


@tjones is correct. Also make sure you are in the cutting/engravable area that is not in the greyed out areas on all the edges. If you’re design is in that area, it will say there is no artwork, and it won’t cut or engrave. I’ve never had a message that said a design was too large though.

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