Binder art

Ahhh the school saga…
School started last week and I was in charge of buying school supplies…

A mess.

Portfolio is apparently a folder
school box is a pencil case…
The list goes on of different terms that made no sense to me.

Then the binder… 3 hole c ring 2 inch
I read 3 inch, so he had a gigantic binder, which is d ring, not cool dad, not cool.

So we went back to the store this weekend and bought a 1 in binder, because it was c ring and not a monster. Oh and the “portfolios” needed to fit in the binder holes, so more folders with holes. Plastic folders, not paper like asked for on the slip…

I am looking at his homework on Sunday and it says to colour the paper that goes into the front and back of the binder…

Head slap, this binder is coated with fabric and has no plastic sleeves to put the paper….

Into the :glowforge: it goes!

And the crayon colouring happened this morning.



I think that turned out better than the paper insert, and the fabric binders are much more durable than the plastic ones. Hope your son was happy with it!


Mason will have the coolest binder in the class!


Looks great! Your son will make all the other kids jealous!




When your tool is a GF, everything looks like an opportunity to engrave. This is so much cooler than called for.


The binder turned out fantastic. I can remember many a year striving so hard to get exactly what was requested. In the end, everyone had one variation or another. Return to school can be stressful.


Better then a trapper keeper!


Our kids’ school just started buying all the supplies for the middle schoolers and I’m super jealous. Mine are now in high school, so it’s much more laid back, but still, we had YEARS of trying to figure out the school supplies…


for whatever reason, buying school supplies has gotten easier here this year compared to past years. my daughter’s stuff was pretty simple (the only confusing thing was that they said pocket folders and then heavy duty folders and I could not figure out the difference. I ended up just getting a bunch, and then she didn’t need them because it was for part of the class time that she is in the other classroom. lol)

My son just literally needs composition books and pencils and pens. :smiley: So much different than when I was in middle school, and so much easier than elementary school. Of course they have chromebooks for everything. They are not allowed to carry backpacks to class. So they just carry around their chromebooks and leave composition books in each class. Once the weather cools down, my son will be wearing hoodies a lot so that he can keep snacks etc. in his pockets. :joy: (he cracks me up).

However when I step back and think about the reason they are not allowed to bring backpacks, I’m pretty sure I know what it is and it breaks my heart.
(The world is a lot different after all of these school shootings.)


Some schools are requiring clear backpacks for that reason.

Sad - the only thing I had to worry about in middle school were the drug deals that were conducted pretty much openly. Detroit public schools in the early '70s.


Most of the kids have “regular” backpacks (some use those drawstring backpacks) but leave them in their lockers.

tangential side note: I saw two teenager boys walking today (I think high school students), one walking with a backpack that looked like a teddy bear strapped to his back, I had to chuckle. I just thought how I would never have seen that back in the 80s. LOL


That kid sounds cool!


Sounds like a good way for him to pick up girls! :rofl: :rofl:


I like how you did the assortment of icons.

So that’s actually engraved on the fabric without tearing it?


Thanks! It was their homework assignment to colour the piece of paper handed out that had the icons / design on it… but since this binder had no sleeve, I scanned it in and engraved it.
I searched the forum for a polyester setting and found one that @MyDogsThinkImCrazy posted, and it worked great, no holes, just changed the colour of the fabric from blue to white. (thanks for the settings by the way)