Binning Strips

I know we’ve talked about this supplier before, but I just was on their website today and an item came up that might be helpful to us all. Outwater Plastics Industries and Architectural Products has many hardware components and the Binning Strips are what I would think would be super useful for us.

I know I for one am going to be doing a lot of organizing of drawers so bin making will be my largest project initially for the Glowforge (unless I get my table saw working first :wink: ).

They have more sweet products in their Hardware Component section.

Disclaimer: I do NOT work for this company nor do I receive any kickbacks. I simply find their products well priced and spanning a variety of functions. It’s high in my list near McMaster and SDP-SI.


Great find, another way to do dividers is to make everything slotted and just slip together.

The advantage of these is they are adjustable, advantage of slotted is true custom with both vertical and horizontal division.


My life needs organising, so it just may have taken an upswing !


Horizontal division here would be difficult to do with these. My one drawer my wife gives me in our bathroom is also the tallest…horizontal division will be clutch in utilizing all the space in there!

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When you get a glowforge you can also make a tray and edge supports that sits in the drawer (or part of the drawer).
Kind of like a tray in a toolbox.


Woohoo! Thanks for that–bookmarked!

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