Birch and Resin Snare Drum

I have wanted to build a stave snare drum for a while but I wanted to try something new. I cut out 60 of these birch staves on the laser then glued the first 20 together to form the outer shell. After that I glued the next set of 20 on the inside of the first 20 but I offset them which formed a pocked for me to fill with resin. I did that one more time then rounded the drum revealing the resin inside the pockets. Now it was no different from any other drum shell and I routed the bearing edge then drilled all my holes. All the hardware came from a broken Slingerland drum I got for cheap. This was just a proof of concept and i liked it so much im working on another one made from maple which will have a build video on my youtube channel to go along with it.


How unique! Bet that video will be fascinating! :slightly_smiling_face:


haha im trying to get it to upload. every time i try it gets a bit farther along before it gives up

Wow, what a labor of love! Just amazing. And impressive drumming skills!


thanks! It took about 12 hours all together not including dry time for the resin because that took two days. I bet i can do the next one in half the time


I have observed that oak plywood and probably BB under tension such as with a living hinge can make some pretty amazing sounds and if someone was playing a set like that might find it a good addition.

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Nice! Not many can claim they made their own!