Bird house as an old time radio

I saw a file on etsy that I liked and the guy had made it too large to be made on a Glowforge. His file was handmade and not done on a computer. I wanted to be able to create that same look on Inkscape just to see if I could. Well it appears I can! The file has changed a bit since I took the pictures but I offered him a copy so he could include it for those with a Glowforge since it was his idea. Since I gave him a copy, I figured I could give the Glowforge community a copy as well. Hope you like it!
I have it set so Black is score, Blue is cut first and red is cut last. Made with 1/8" Baltic Birch. The SVG has the face scored for easy placement of the smaller pieces.

UPDATE: I noticed that in the file the hole was 3". It was supposed to be 2" That has been corrected and the ribbon has been added as a cut piece to glue on. Added drain holes in the bottom. Also added a zip file for the squirrel feeder with the larger 3" hole.

PXL_20210414_015039050 PXL_20210414_015106283 PXL_20210414_015026667

Bird (13.8 KB) Squirrel (14.0 KB)


Thank you kindly. I love a unique birdhouse.


Thanks so much. This is a lovely birdhouse.


Thanks, that’s really unique!


That’s a nice share! Are you giving it an ‘outdoors’ finish, or will it remain inside?


Thanks for sharing! Great project!!


That is adorable! Thank you so much! :heart:

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Not sure yet. At the moment I try to keep one of everything I make in case a friend should want one. If I do put it outside, we have a covered patio that would protect it so it wont get much weather.


Thank you can’t wait to carve up but Im thinking greek temple=0)


Thanks so much!

Wow! That’s awesome. I’m thinking this would be a neat Father’s Day gift.

Oh, I’ve got to see this! Birdhouse as a greek temple; it could be appropriate for an owl…

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Love it! Thank you. I’m going to try to make one in acrylic next so I can put it outside.


Never thought of using acrylic. I guess using an opaque would work great, might lose the details on a clear though.

Thank You

The birds and squirrels love this. I watch them while I work during the day. They actually go inside.


I would love to make this out of acrylic how thick was your acrylic?

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Nice! Seeing your application gave me a few more ideas for it. I will put holes in the bottom for drainage when it rains and figure out a door that can open to make it easier to put the seeds in, also the ribbon that is scored I can make into another piece to be glued on for decor. Thank you for the ideas! Revision coming soon! :smiley:

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I used 1/8 the medium.

Awesome ideas. I’ll print the ribbon part and add it to my two others.