Birthday Cake topper

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I am trying to make a cake topper, with the PG acrylic. I am so close to finishing it but one problem remains that I can’t seem to work around. !I am able to combine the happy and birthday together even the stand but for some reason, I can’t get the birthday and the stand to join to make the whole piece stay together. I know I need to work on my joints because some of them are super flimsy, but you would be a lifesaver if you could only get that birthday to join the party!
Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 10.12.14 PM|494x500

Edited: added SVG file !Birthday cake topper


The base looks open on the right side. You need to close it. Then, do a union between the text and base.


You used combine instead of union.


Anything outside the page does not show up but like this case can be closed.

Further reading:

Taking the time to fully understand path and node manipulation is maybe the best skill to invest in for glowforge work. It’ll pay you back on almost every single project.

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Thank you that link has now been saved! I re-uploaded the SVG file inside the box i didnt realize the box was so important.

My steps were
Select all shapes
path- combine
Path- union

is there an explanation as to why it worked with all the other areas of the design the happy is now connected with the birthday and the stand is now all one piece instead of three. The birthday for some reason even though it was selected at the same time and went through all the same commands does not seem to connect with the base of the stand.

I can’t really say what might’ve happened while you were making this. But as far as I can tell all you need to do is do a path break apart and then a path union, and everything should be joined up the way you would expect.

You probably also need to make sure that you don’t have grouped items. Select everything and look at the bottom left of your screen it should say two objects of type path selected. If it says there is a path in a group you need to do and ungroup action and keep on grouping until everything is just path. Only then will the union work.

It’s possible that you got into the trap where are you convert text to a path and didn’t realize that that results in a group of letters shapes. It’s a common mistake not to ungroup the letters and then union them.

And I wouldn’t feel too bad about it. Escapes error messages are often difficult to spot, since they are only in that tiny text at the bottom. On the one hand it’s nice that it doesn’t pop up window and interrupt you, on the other hand sometimes it’s important to know when something went wrong. It’s one of those things you get used to and kind of get a sense for when something doesn’t work, you start to realize that it’s because you try to do path actions on something that isn’t a path.

Sometimes union will work on things that aren’t paths, Like if you take two rectangles that are technically objects and not paths and do a union on them, escape automatically convert them to paths and then join them. In any case… If you get down to the point where there are no groups and everything is just paths and run a union on them they should join up like you’re expecting

With combine all lines stay, what was closed but overlaps will be open. with union it is everything, stuff overlapping becomes one, but holes remain holes so combine making holes are not fixed by union.

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