Birthday party favor // Astronaut Magnet!


Made a simple astronaut magnet/picture frame as a party favor for my son’s first birthday! Only took 3.5 minutes each to cut/engrave! Most everything was cut or scored. Only the NASA logo was engraved.

This was also my first time using Hershey text to also save time (using scores for text as opposed to engrave) — was much faster & still looked great!

Left a spot in the middle for people to write their kid’s name, which I could then engrave, but never got around to it lol


LOL! That’s awesome.


That’s so cute! :smile:


Now that is just adorable! A very cool variation of the goofy photo board you see at carnivals.


I’m 100 percent behind astronaut stuff!

I wish I’d made some of these now, looks like a weekend project. Well done.


Oh my god these are adorable! Love it


Cute idea … So cute with the photos.




Awesome job, very nice!