Birthday silliness


My son insisted on a poop emoji birthday cake so I compromised and made him a cake topper instead…lol

Chocolate brown plexi


Oh my gosh, I love this. My 7 year old nephew and I have bonded over our love of poop jokes and the poop emoji. I’m definitely showing this to him. And I already know he’s going to want to know if it was for a chocolate cake?


Bwahahahaha! Spew!


Yes…it will be a white poke cake with orange jello and chocolate frosting…lmao


Lolol this is cute


Lets hope the cake is not chocolate


Check the above comment…lol
It will be a white poke cake with orange jello and chocolate frosting…


Sorry missed that


LOL… Seems we poop emoji fans are in good company. Just yesterday I created a depth map and then 3D sculpted the poop emoji, to make a candy mold for casting in chocolate! I printed the model last night and posted a photo here on the forum. I just poured the silicone mold a couple hours ago so it should be ready for casting tomorrow. :slight_smile:


the lighting effect on the print layers is doing some pretty cool topographic-like stuff in this photo.


Please share your chocolate pics!


Kinda erie, isn’t it? Look in the eyes <shudder.>

Oh I will!


Where your finger is underneath the print, that little bit of shadow creating contrast…

Light is so cool.


Girl, you just have all kinds of material and scrap shelved up don’t you?
After the years you have been laser’n, I envy your supply.

“Here’s a nice piece of chocolate brown…”


I’ve got most colors of acrylic…lol. My favorite material to cut


This poop emoji is so popular…I got a poop emoji bluetooth speaker in a blind gift exchange for Christmas. Incredibly cute cake topper. Please show a picture of the cake (and son?) too. - Rich


Love it!!


Not a great pic, but you get the idea…his big brother loves him so much…lmao

Found a better one…lol


Hope he has dental insurance :joy:


They look like they are having waaaay too much fun! :smile: