Bit of That Custom Photo Stuff

I’m not entirely sure that I ever shared this here, but if I had, then I guess you get to see it again :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I made one for my sister, my dad, and then myself. We’re all born with 9 days between the three of us, so for our birthdays I had made identical little pictures of my sister and me when we were kids.

Then for a Christmas present for the brother of a friend, I was commissioned to make an ornament with her baby niece on it. I really like the way this one had come out, too!

Both were done on the Proofgrade Basswood with the tape removed and with little clean up done on the picture of my sister and me. For the ornament I had created a light score line around the baby so I could remove the tape in that area alone, and still be able to engrave the rest without needing to cleanup the smoke and residue! Now that I’m thinking about it, it would make more sense for the laser to start from top to bottom so that the residue was always blown towards an area that was masked, but I’m sure there are reasons for the current setup.

Some random notes: I’ve already made a tutorial on how I get the results I do for phot engraves, so a quick search through my posts can answer questions on the settings I use. Previously I used a tool in Photoshop called the “Nik Collection”, and this is still the case. The main difference is that, where they were once a free plugin with no support for future updates, they’ve now been reacquired and have full updates rolling out. This means that they are no longer a free program, but I think they’re worth it if you don’t want to spend a lot of time editing manually (you’ll still get better results with manual editing and the collection, though).


Those turned out fantastic! (I’ve had some trouble with photos myself…still working on it.) :grinning:


You’re really good at this photo thing!


Loooot of trial and error on my part :man_scientist:

I have three other samples of my sister and me just sitting here as a reminder of what not to do :sweat_smile:

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Wonderful work as usual!


You’re too kind, I’m not as good as some of the other creators here :relaxed:

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These are great! Love the baby ornament!

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