Bitmap Problem

And if you need a little help doing that, check out the tutorials in the Glowforge Hints and Tips section on Inkscape. That use case is definitely covered.

I am having the same problem but in illustrator can u help?

@wiersma.lynn and @kendra1:

Both of you would probably benefit greatly by reading through a few starter tutorials. I have a list of good ones to begin with here:

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Welcome to the web of trial and error.

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I have it mostly figured out now Thank you for all the replies it led me in the right direction

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I switched to inkscape its free and very easy to use.
I found that gray scale determines the depth of engraving and that in order to cut the piece out u have to draw a vector line around it in order to have a cut feature. If u have any other ? i can probably help u with it now that i have a understanding of the process.

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The initial search for understanding, and the subsequently aquired abilities were like a treasure hunt to me, and I found the challenge extremely rewarding!

The talent and experience gathered here in the community I have found to be the most valuable asset to my glowforge, followed closely by a good set of calipers. :grin:

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It was a weekend project for me as well took a lot of frustration but now that i understand it it is almost simple lol. community is definitely the best info source because youtube doesn’t have much dealing with the glowforge.:+1:

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now the laser is not working it goes to print but the laser is not going what happen?

Need a little more information:

  1. Are you printing on Proofgrade material with the default settings?
  2. Did you make any changes to the settings?
  3. Is the arm moving around and nothing is coming out? Or is the arm not moving from the home position at the upper left end of the bed?
  4. Did you read the tutorials linked here?

You mentioned you have mostly figured it out - is there anything else we can help you with?

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Not at the moment Thanks

Check the engrave power setings it may be all the way down at one if u didnt adjust it.100 isnt full power it allows it to change power depending on image full power will only do one color engrave

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the laser moves but nothing is coming out. I did the step by step as tutorial but in illustrator as I can not download Inkscape and it still only allows engrave instead of cut.

I tried again and nothing is coming out . it moves like if it was engraving but no laser.

Confirm your settings. Specifically check that power is sufficient for the material.

I have it on full power and material is a mirror like glass

Kendra, if you want support to look at your problem, you need to start your own ticket. They don’t keep re reading old posts to see if anyone jumped in with another issue. You’ll want to keep it to one topic per new post.

So start a new Topic in the Problems and Support area so they can get a ticket going for you. :slightly_smiling_face: