Bitmoji Fun

Took some screenshots of my bitmoji along with my fiancee. Messed around with settings and I have a program that lets me trace images and lines so that helped me trace the faint lines and make them darker. I’m done with tweaking settings and lines. I think they came out nice. Some of the images are missing noses and some are barely visible. Had to bring up my lines per inch. Enjoy and happy Forging!!!

IMG_4660 IMG_4661


Those Bitmoji images are super cute (with or without noses). They look really good engraved into the various types of wood.

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Very cute, indeed!

Yup, definitely can’t let my wife see this one - she’d demand that I make her some. Just last night she was updating hers, and was saying how she had to find a new outfit haha

Definitely cool!

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These are relly cool.

Super cute!