Black cable replacement cord did not fix LED light problem

I posted about a problem I was having with some LED light not working on the left side a little above the camera connection. The the LED light above it and bellow it work but these have not been working for awhile. Then I started getting a lid open error. Contacted support they advised me that both problems were from a faulty black cable cord. While waiting on my cord I was able to reposition the cord and finally got a good connection and the lid open error went away but the same LED light were not working. I received and installed the new black cable last night and still the LED light in the same aria are not working. there is no replacement for the LED light and I have exhausted all trouble shooting advice on glowforge. I sent another support email but as those seem to take. long time I was hopping someone may have some other advice or insight into this problem.

A single LED, or a small segment of the LED strip not working is not going to be an issue caused by the black cable, that will be an issue with the lighting assembly (strip) or circuitry contained within the assembly.

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that was my initial thought and I expressed that to customer service. They responded with the belief it was all the black cable. the fact that while waiting for the black cable I was able to disconnect and resit the cable connections and the lid error went off and all was back to normal except the LED light segment I had the sinking feeling that I had just wasted money on a cable that wasn’t the problem. they don’t sell the LED strip replacements and since that is also tied into the lid magnet sensor its not like I can even purchase a replacement somewhere else. I’m so frustrated with my experience with this machine/customer service and the lack of ability to fix things myself on it since they don’t sell the replacement part. Im not sending a machine in when I possess the ability to do such replacement myself.

Without looking at your specific issue/failure, I can almost guarantee that the malfunctioning LED segment is due to a poor connection to the circuit board on which the LEDs are mounted, most likely a cold solder joint, but it could also be a failed LED. The light panel should be able to be repaired, it’s nothing more than a long circuit board with components mounted to it, and the magnetic sensors are easily bypassed or replaced because they are a simple circuit that uses the light strip as a transport. I have the components necessary to both bypass the sensors, and to make them switchable.

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I would be interested in getting the information on how best to bypass the LED and magnetic sensor. Is there a way to contact you on getting this?

They actually do sell the LED lights but you have to contact support for them. They are 30 bucks per side. I did not know this and reached out after an issue happened and they are now shipping.

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thank you ! I still haven’t gotten response from them after I emailed them about the cable not fixing the problem. this is the longest I have waited for a responce

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