Black Cermark on Glass Questions

I recently purchased the Cermark LMC-6044p which allows for black markings to be engraved on glass and ceramic. Utilizing the same products (square shot glasses) I have been having varying results. In the images below you can see the Mizzou logo and the Blues / Cardinals logo came out pretty well, but when trying to do the STL logo half of the image didn’t mark, then with the Ford logos I just can’t seem to get a clean version. All of the images used have been high quality jpeg images and I’ve been using the same recommended settings 250s and 30p. As far as height settings I have been utilizing the “Set Focus” feature. Any help / advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!


Oily spots on the glass?


I got nothing except I hope you get it fixed before tonight’s game so you can do celebratory shots!


I agree, this looks like an issue with the glass. Something is different about those spots.

Perhaps more power would help?

or maybe clean it with alcohol before spraying. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah good point, a thorough cleaning would be the first step.

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I appreciate the replies. All of the glasses were wiped down, dried, then sprayed and engraved. I will try cleaning them with a solvent or alcohol this time and will post results. Thank you all again for the suggestions.