Black Friday 2018

Any word on whether we will see any black friday/cyber monday/glowforge wednesday deals? Particularly on proofgrade materials?


That would be awesome to see some type of discount. I wasn’t holding my breath… I’d certainly stock up if there was anything proofgrade on sale.

I wish there wood was glowforge basic size.


Thanks. I actually already ordered some stuff with this code today. Note this code only works today.

What did you pick? I was looking at the colored wood and the duro wood.

The colored wood looks interesting but I just ordered some adhesive backed plastic for some projects for this weekend. One is some letters for the grill of my truck and the other is some face plates for a GRBL pendant that I sell for CNC machines.

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Got an email this morning about a 40% black friday sale on laser ready projects and wanted to share.


Affinity is running at 30% off Black Friday sale on Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. They are $34.99 (usually $49.99) for either Desktop or iPad

There are also a several brush packs at 30% off too


I received my first batch of colored wood from them yesterday. I hope to play with it over the weekend.

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DXO, who bought the Google Nik Collection, is having a 50% off Black Friday sale. It works with Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.

I’ve found that the Silver Efex Pro plugin is fantastic for preparing/editing photos to engrave.


Great find. I have purchased several designs from those sites, and they have all turned out great. I was surprised I never got the coupon in my email (unless maybe it went to the spam folder). Thanks for sharing.

Astute’s Illustrator plugins are 60% off.

I have read on this forum that Vector First Aid and Phantasm are very useful, but I have never used any of this stuff myself.

Someone posted earlier that has a big sale. I am looking at their Advanced Illustrator class for $10.

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