Black Friday Deal '22 - Creative Fabrica

Hey guys! I just wanted to share a great black friday deal I got in my email this morning. Creative Fabrica is offering an all access annual subscription for only $59! I have one already, and I love it!
Creative Fabrica - Premium Crafting Fonts, Graphics & More Yes, this is my affiliate link…use it or not (but we all know kickbacks are a nice bonus!) I really just wanted to share the deal, as I’ve been a happy subscriber for awhile now! :grin:

Also, feel free to derail this post with other black friday deals that you think the laser community would like!

Edited to add…if you already have a subscription, you can purchase a second year for $47!! That’s only $3.99 a month. I was confused about that, but just figured it out. Under my subscriptions, my annual subscription is now advanced another year, so it doesn’t renew until 2024…so that “second year” advanced it out and was only $47, instead of $59.

This deal is extended over cyber monday, and then it’s gone.


Thanks for the share. That’s a great price, especially considering it comes with a very generous commercial use license.


Yes! I love that I can do almost whatever I want with the purchases (minus selling the files). I’ve been having fun making stickers from there recently, and the sewing patterns and fonts are awesome! I find myself using it for so much more than I initially thought I would.

I bit, thanks for the tip.

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Sweet! If you haven’t used them before, I hope you’re happy with your new subscription!

They also just hopped on the ai art train, but I haven’t been so happy with that yet. Quality isn’t very good, and the prompts don’t seem to pull up what I want. It’s fun to play with though…and they’re still working through kinks, so I’m hopeful it’ll get better with a little more time.

It’s a great source for files.

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Thanks for the info - I was just looking to buy some new designs from Etsy and this looks like a great deal. I signed up through your link so I hope you get a nice bonus!

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So did I! Thanks!

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Thank you @glausd1 and @cynd11 ! I’m actually really new the the affiliate world and I think I’ve only ever made like .30 cents before doing it :grimacing: haha! However, Creative Fabrica is pretty generous, with giving 25%!
My husband decided to go back to school this year (taking a pretty big pay cut in the process), so I’ve been trying to figure out how to bring a little more in to cover our bills…so this is really appreciated!
I don’t have any sort of following on…anywhere :laughing: but I love this forum, and love the people in it and wanted to share something else I love with them! Win win, right? Thank you so much for the support, and I hope you guys love your new subscription! I have downloaded way over the yearly cost already and have found it to be well worth it!
I got another email this morning, that they are letting this deal run until Monday, so there’s still a little time for people to check it out if they’re thinking about it.


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