Black Friday MUSE sale


On Facebook FSL is advertising the MUSE on sale for Black Friday, $3500 for anyone that’s interested.


Thank you, no.


I’m guessing that’s the base without air or chiller?


That ought to be pinned. There are a number of folks who were looking for alternatives and that’s at a relatively decent price point (vs. the GF). Might be a way to get lasering instead of needing to wait another 6 months and hoping all that is feared does not come to pass. :slight_smile: Always good to have options. Especially options on sale.


I hear it even has numeric positioning!


Oh Boy! OH BOY!

$3500? You can’t beat that with a Muse sized brick!!


Only on Fridays…


You can bang you head against it in frustration.


I haven’t paid any attention to the Muse discussions other than the early complaints about bricking, etc. It seemed at the time folks were bashing it pretty hard and I kept thinking that those GF supporters were inviting ridicule when production begins. I expected a lot of GF early complaints, and there have been.

So my question would be, in fairness to Muse, are their problems any different?


Let’s get a head to head comparison of setup requirements, design requirements, material requirements and capacity, workflow and results, then see what happens. That would be sweet.


I don’t think so. Both have their problems.

The main difference though, is Full Spectrum already has a well-established business building/selling lasers and for that I would have less patience for them having growing pains.


The other difference is in Support. GF support seems to be of the “if we can’t fix it easily, we’re replacing it” mindset. FSL support was “if you can’t prove it was us, you’re on your own” or nearly so.


My experience with FSL’s support of their SLA 3D printers is the reason I opted with Glowforge for a laser cutter. They did take care of things when I needed to have a laser diode replaced because they had a known issue with a batch, but they havent even updated their software in probably two years and it needs help.


I can’t help but also be curious about what Dremel is cooking up. They announced a home laser cutter, too. I thought it was remarked in these forums that Dremel was re-packaging the muse. Curious if they can beat all the problems out of it and make it worthy.


I believe FSL confirmed either on their facebook page or their blog that they are in fact working with Dremel.

I’m sure Dremel will bring good mass market expertise to the deal and get it ready for prime time.


Yep. I thought it was interesting that it was going to take them a year to being out a product that FSL had already declared “done”. Rebadging the Muse must be a more significant effort than you’d expect for a “completed” product.


Well one could argue that the Glowforge has taken two years to being a ‘done’ product, and even argue that it still needs another year before all the unfinished features can be added and/or improved. So there’s that as well. :thinking:


Undoubtedly, Dremel is scared Sh@@Tless about safety and they have probably watched the videos about Muse on YouTube and realised test there was lots to do.


After seeing all the hub bub in the FB Muse owners forum, all set…WAY all set. Bricks are for building and customer service is for decent businesses.