Black Scratch Paper

Does anyone know what settings should be used to print on the Black Scratch Paper. So that the rainbows will show up

thank you

I suspect any paper engraving settings would probably work, or some simple tests would reveal a setting. I haven’t seen any posts here about that particular material, so perhaps you can provide results if you test.

Any idea what the black scratch layer is made of?

I’m kinda thinking it’s wax, which might be super flammable when hit by laser, so I’d be very cautious.

We did it with India ink, back in 3rd grade art class.

I have no idea why I remember that.


There are lots of posts on Facebook of Glowforge owners using this material, and luckily, non have mentioned fire…yet.

Traditional scratchboard was a thin layer of clay over the cardstock that was painted with black ink.

I haven’t used the rainbow material, but that might be foil.

Scott Hamel started a post on this back in February on a Facebook group.

I ordered some of this = paper from amazon to try. I first started with a (engrave) high speed of 1000, a low power of 6, and 225 LPI. You can see that couple lines at the bottom of the pic. found this power level didn’t seem to be enough, so stopped and reset to 900 speed, 20 power, and 125 LPI. that produced most of the rest of the pic. The very top is a manual scratch I did on my own with the provided wood stick. So you can see that you will have to adjust your settings to your own preferences and its hard to specify just one setting for this. My take away is that you don’t need a lot of LPI on this so, faster speed keeps the laser from lingering on any one spot too long, and need enough power to burn off the black without burning the underlying color. You will also need to consider your image and may need to adjust that in a editing program prior to sending it to your forge.


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