Blank Coaster, various materials

Coaster material
I had the idea of getting some blank coasters of different material, shapes, etc. as small material samples for experimenting that could also serve as little gifts for friends and families (for ideas that turn out well).
After just a bit f searching, I came across This .
Wanted to share with the community, but also looking for feedback on the different materials they offer.
I also assumed it might spark some comments with other, related ideas.

Please let me know what you think or if you know of a better source of supply.
Thanks folks!


You can wander around your local tile shop for stone blanks. The cork you’ll be able to cut yourself on the glowforge. Not sure where to get glass blanks of that presumed thickness. You can cut felt on the glowforge and glue it to the bottom of coasters (or use a thin layer of cork) or those little rubber feet you see on the glass ones can be bought online. They come on sheets - you peel one off and stick it on.

Well, that’s amazing.

I used Sandstone coasters from Amazon and etched them on a laser. Looked really good. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures (given away as gift) - but here are the coasters I used.


My friend has done a bunch of laser-engraved coasters for weddings and other events and claims that the cork ones from Crate & Barrel are great quality and relatively inexpensive (though not cheap).

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I got to try this today! I was pretty pleased and also surprised by the results!