Blank Coated Flasks

Today I saw a Glowforge ad on Facebook and the machine was engraving a black coated flask. Does anyone know where I can get these? I went to the JDS site, but it seems to be down. Do you know of any other sources? Thanks so much!

Hmm,another new flag… I wonder how many there are.

Don’t know if this is the exact one but:

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Thank you so much!

If you try marking these PLEASE post your results! These look very promising.

OMG they have a 1 GALLON FLASK!!!


You’d need a BIG pocket. :smile:

is this a bad photo artifact or is there something wonky with the coating on the flask?

it looks like something was wrapped around the flask and there’s a seam on the right 1/3 of the front.

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No clue. It looks like a wrap, but it clearly states powder coated so…

A lot of bulk places use stock images so it may not be the actual product

which makes me even more skeptical w/o seeing a real picture.

All the other colours don’t show it - and you can always contact them for a sample/confirmation. When buying in bulk I go by the descriptions not the pictures

Isn’t that just hysterical? I think I will get 1 just because.

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I looked at those because my hubs came in night before last looking for one…and there isn’t a single flask in the house.

And I thought the big one would make a fine joke too! :smile:

My wife and I were at my daughter’s HS track meet last night. just putting iced tea in the thing would be hilarous.


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