BlazeCut T-Series fire suppression?

I’m shopping around for a new halotron fire extinguisher to keep by the Glowforge and have long been curious about the 1BlazeCut T-Series as an alternative (added bonus is it’s ABC not just BC like the smaller halotron extinguishers). It’s only a bit more than a 2.5lb halotron extinguisher but seems like the 1m system sold by MatterHackers might just fit inside the Glowforge under around the crumb tray without actually interfering with the movement of the machine. Has anyone looked into this to know if it actually fits?

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It’s difficult to determine the size from the picture but honestly can’t think of anywhere inside the GF unit it could go. There are too many moving parts to place it in the electronics area. There is not enough space under the crumbtray and putting it inside the crumbtray would ensure a premature discharge. The discharge begins at 248F which means that the machine will likely be fully engulfed and destroyed.

Totally not needed if you are careful and keep an eye on things.

Yes, but the same can be said for why not to buy a flesh-sensing table saw, or any other safety device. The key word in your sentence being “if” … the point of safety devices is for those times when life happens out of your control at the same time as a flare-up. Better to prepare for that and hope you never have to see it in action.


Yes well you can also wrap yourself in bubble wrap and wear a helmet every time you go outside too. I guess I just feel the risk doesn’t warrant the effort.
As for the table saw device, same thing. Yes I wouldn’t want to cut a finger off but I do consider the possibility makes me concentrate a lot more. Then again I also threw away my saw guard because it annoyed me.

My cousin, Three-fingered Sam, used to say similar things.

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I guess he should have been more careful :rofl:

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