Bleach shirts with freezer paper stencils etched on the Glowforge


Those look great, thanks for sharing the process!


I love how these look and really enjoyed reading about the process, which was fascinating. I bookmarked your page…just in case I become so inspired. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and your process.


That really looks great! :blush:


I’ve used my Cricut to make many t-shirts like this (both ink and bleach)… LOVE IT! In fact, that’s really the ONLY thing I’ve used the Cricut for. :slight_smile: Dig the addition of the GF into the mix. Though I gotta say, etching a design for 27 minutes… yikes. (Looks great though.) Great write up!


Very cool!


Well, darn, now I have to go buy more craft supplies… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Tell me about it! But I think this, and/or heat transfer, is one I really need to do. I’m thinking about the possibilities – when a new meme goes around, I can be wearing an ironic t-shirt to work the next day!


Thanks everyone!

Yeah! And that design’s actually not a lot of etching to do either. I’m going to work on mixing cut and etch better in my designs. For example, in the three brothers stencil, I could have etched all those tiny little holes and cut the main part out.

It’s kind of funny to think about, I’m essentially just shifting the work around–spend more time on the design to make it cut and weed fast, or more time on the cut, or more time on the weed. I hate weeding, so I’m gonna work more on the designs :slight_smile:


Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


This is fabulous!! The design with the triangle, how did you get the stencil transferred to the shirt with so many small peices? Or were all the small peices manually placed? :blush:


For the design with the triangle, I etched it so that the freezer paper was cut through and not the cardstock. Then I ironed the whole thing freezer-paper-side down to the shirt, and pulled the cardstock up. Almost 100% of the design transferred; I had to move two tiny pieces by hand. Here’s a photo while I was pulling up the cardstock:

Biggest challenge was using little enough repositionable spray to keep the freezer paper stuck to the cardstock during etching but then have it lift off after ironing. I found that just pulling it off a few times and putting it back on worked well.


Fascinating looking technique! (I need more time.) :grinning:


Great idea and clever too! Thanks for sharing.


It’s definitely just trading time from one process to the other. And the practical neurosis says it makes more sense to the let the machine do the work, even if it takes longer… 'because you can theoretically do something else during that 27 minutes (new designs or whatever)…

Thanks for the inspiration!


Dang, I don’t always scroll down to see what I’ve missed, but I’m.sure glad I did this time. Your write-up is great! This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, especially because I used to own a vinyl cutter (I still technically do, but it’s just thousands of miles away ATM). Thanks for sharing your process, give me about 6 months and I’ll give it a go :grin:


These both turned out great!


Ugh!!! That’s all I need! Another way of crafting!!! Lol. Way cool!!!


I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s excited about this! A few more resources for people who are interested:

For people who are thinking of bleach shirts vs HTV, why not both? I made these shirts with bleach and glow in the dark HTV for my kids and I love the way they came out:


I just finished The Last Airbender again, what a fantastic show, even as an adult! A lot of lessons to be learned, and the comedy is gold. Korra is hard to watch, not a fan of the artstyle, or the story, but I’ll keep trucking through while I run the laser.


Totally agreed :slight_smile: