Block engraving

Check out these wood name blocks. There made on 2x2 pine or cedar what ever i can get my hands on. takes about 2 mins each letter but worth every second. Love my glowforge and the endless things you can make :slight_smile:


Cool. I think your S might be upside down in that pic though.


it sure is thanks for letting me no lol


Very nice! Are the letters on all sides of the block or just one side?


Just one side


These look fabulous!


These blocks are alot of fun to make. Took me some time to get them to engrave perfectly as each block isnt exactly 1.5in

Those are really cute. But I really love the wood in the background on Kiaan. What is that? And where can I get some? :grin:

The wood is italian olive wood purchased at home sense there cutting boards and are beautiful! I use it to take photos

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What is this home sense? I need to check that out! Just looked it up. UK based and membership. Same store? Curious as to what the board cost you?

board cost me 30$ im located in canada

Very nice work! That last one threw me though. The blocks have a strong grain line and it is lined up with the grain on the board below so well I thought they were transparent at first. Had to work to not see it that way.

Are the letters raised or engraved?

these letters are engraved

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