Block printing and lithography via laser



I’m not sure how I have missed these beauties during my 2am laser inspiration internet searches. The stuggle waiting for the GF is real :slight_smile:


Oh great it will work! One of my projects in waiting is block printing!



I’ve been experimenting with laser cut acrylic for intaglio printing, but the problem is I don’t have access to a press. And apparently the Big Shot Pro that I have is not up to the job. Experiments continue, and if I end up with anything worthy of posting I’ll do it. Next to try: C clamps.


Would a device like this work for a press? I bought one a couple years ago for laminating decals and signs I print on my ecosolvent printer/cutter.


Anyone notice that on the second video, what went through the laser, and then painted with yellow paint was not what was shown being printed on and the result, which was SPEW and in black paint. Why film all the initial stuff with one and then finish off the vid with something completely different? Did something go wrong with the one they started with?


youtube channels rarely have continuity editors :disappointed: